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This is on CSS Mania, Selected-Webdesign & Freelancefolder

It seems that the graphic-pros at CSS Mania do like this site. While selected-webdesign.com likes the style, described as „typographically | simple | fresh“.

And Freelancefolder says in 15 WordPress customizations, that „the ample white space helps give the site a professional yet fresh feel, that does not scream WordPress.“
Well, I’m delighted and feel quite refershed!

The site presents texts, the column I write for Zurichs Sundaypaper SonntagsZeitung as chit-chat about my current life in Saigon.

When I talked to the Boys of Berlins web-company Decaf I just wanted something very simple.
Decaf had allready had the very clever idea, to propose me a blog and not just a regular site, when I wanted a website for my documentary film Seven Dumpsters and a corpse. It proved to be the right decision, because my film caused quite a stir and the blog gave viewers and me the possibility to react and discuss directly. So I became a blogger.

My life in Saigon: Inside

Saigon: Ouside
2009-02-saigon ads for products, services and communism

* http://www.selected-webdesign.com/gallery/website/thomas-haemmerli

* http://cssmania.com/galleries/2009/02/20/thomas-haemmerli.php

* http://www.messiemother.com

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